Lokalimde Calisiyor - Recap for 2022! 🥳

How we managed to talk without bullsh*t :)

Sat Dec 31 2022 18:33:00 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)

Yes, that was an amazing year for Lokalimde Calisiyor Podcast so far and we're really proud of it! And we deserved for a celebration with a blog post, we think. At least, for being able to talk about only engineering-related topics which we think that's the most obvious detail differentiate us from other podcasts. So we're closing up the year, 2022 with such a great honour!

There are a number of great people talking about really nice and interesting topics and deep-dives already, hope we had already contributed and let people think from different aspects of what's happening recently within the industry without talking bullsh*t ;)

Alongside the well-deserved achievement for us to celebrate, we also would like to share what we've pinpointed across the episodes starting from 10th of August this year as follows. Hope you will find all of them worth to listen and join us for making the next year better with even better topics as well.

#1 | Bootcampler kapatılsın!, Over-pragmatizm, Monorepo

The first episode just launched as we were amazingly excited! We even didn't know how it would go and we managed to do it. We mostly discussed about the bootcamps and the reflection of the industry for the new-joiners to the software engineering stage alongside the benefits of monorepos, tools in general and why they are created and exist. At some point, our talk came up with a resolution like "functional CSS is bad and makes the code unreadable" once we noticed we were discussion on Tailwind :)

Bootcamps with #BootcamplerKapatilsin! Monorepos Tools and best practices Over-pragmatizm & Tailwind

#2 | Burnout, Astro, VueJs Ekosistemi (Konuk: Umur Alpay)

We introduced titles for the first time in 2nd episode based on conceptual discussions like "Serbest Vuruş" (aka. Free Kick) for criticism, "Fırından Yeni Çıkanlar" (aka. Fresh out of Owen) for anything which comes up onto the stage of software ecosystem like tools, languages, platforms, etc., "Hakkını Vereyim" (aka. Let me give your the right) and "Hunharca Ovuyoruz" (aka. Brutally Praising). And there was another milestone for the podcast as we had our first guest, Onur Alpay who we discussed about burnout and the side effects of it which we were really satisfied for talking about.

We also preferred to jump onto another topic like monoliths and why we left them using. Mostly we are missing monoliths, that was the result with laughs :) Astro, the magnificant build system for building (post)modern web applications without framework boundaries and Vue and its ecosystem were the other topics we again sent our love for. We like both of them (Although some of us haven't used before other than a coding challange in 2014 :))

#BurnoutKillingYou @astrodotbuild #Monolith yapılar Astro Vue and its ecosystem

#3 | Projeler Neden Bitmiyor?, Progressive Web App, Typescript

The 3rd episode was mostly influenced by our war-cry against why teams are able to not to finish up the projects properly by basically acting like amateurs instead of solving them with a proper and simple plan like vertical slicing. Waterfall-ish agile was our target there.

We continued to delve into the exciting topic like Progressive Web Apps (aka. PWAs) which we talked as they should have already replace the place where was captured by "native" mobile apps developed based on platforms. What PWAs are suggesting is that all of those native mobile applications can be replaced via native-web technologies and APIs already capable of providing almost-the-same UX. We discussed well about what would be the benefits / downsides of using / implementing Typescript into our projects, too.

#ProjelerNedenBitmiyor #PWA #PrograssiveWebApps #typescript

#4 | Premature Optimization, Microfrontend, ES Modules, Webpack Module Federation

Most probably, this session was one of the ones we enjoyed a lot. We fulled the whole session longer than before and talked about the most burning topics especially like Microfrontends with ES Modules, and Webpack Module Federation as the unnecessary complexity overloaded into applications.We're looking forward the exact moment when teams decide to move away from Webpack and choose something because we're sure that it will be a ES Modules based solution.

Like how we suggest to go with for Microfrontends. We discussed some technical details of how it may be possible to achieve having a reliable architecture around micro UI approach by providing apps as Web Components on a ES Modules foundation.

#PrematureOptimization #Microfrontend #ModuleFederation #Microservices

#5 | Tool Geliştirme, Over Engineering, RakkasJs, Open Source (Konuk: Fatih Aygün)

Another so exciting episode with our 2nd guest, Fatih Aygun who is the creator of lots of libraries alongside with a JS Framework called Rakkas.js. We mostly talked about how it really makes developers life easier with other aspects of developing a library / package to be used by other developers and details about them.

As we really enjoyed talking about open source, we dived into the differences in between Over Engineering & Under-Engineering topics in general and how they effect the way teams build products following the Premature Optimization topic from the previous episode which we really enjoy talking.

#overEngineering & Underengineering #RakkasJS Fatih Aygun #openSource how to develop a good library / framework.

#6 | Özel Dosya: Yurtdışı ✈️

This was another concept we introduced in the 6th and a focused one: Working abroad as a software engineer. We discussed most of the aspects of how to survive abroad while getting integrated within the cultural atmosphere of the country we live while moving on.

Finding flats, documenting everything and constitutional efforts for settling purposes were the main topics alongside the ones related with the working environment abroad and how someone who just went abroad can go well and keep pace with in such a totally new environment.

Me mostly tried to answer Cabir's questions regarding the all aspects of living and working somewhere where you never exist before without any history at all.

Software Career in Abroad (other than working in Turkey)

#7 | Geekocalypse ve Layofflar, Metaframeworkler ve Deno ekosistemi

We were getting more experienced with the topics and how to choose them. What we preferred to do was to discuss the topics before calling the day just right after the session. So this was one of them we decided and investigated more details about: Geekocalypse & Layoffs. Twitter, Meta, Amazon and so on. The industry was shaken enough until the very moment of the podcast and we had enough details to discuss the internals of why something like this happening this time from the aspects of how capitalism works basically.

We angered enough before jumping onto one of our favorite topics: Meta-Frameworks :). Why is Next.js is a meta-framework? Why do we think that Astro is also a meta-framework and so on. We talked mostly about the internals of those frameworks and libraries with fun from all aspects even with additions from other languages / ecosystems other than JS/TS.

We concluded the whole episode by giving a deserved attention to Deno and its ecosystem.

Geekocalypse Layoffs SuperApps Meta Frameworks Deno & Deno with npm support

Episode 8

So we reached to the very last episode at the end. Enjoyed enough for around more than 1 hour while talking about technologies like OCaml, Meteor, Elm, Haskell, Pascal, Delphi and so on which we somehow labeled as "dead tech" (hope no OCaml devs get furious at us) while discussing on Cloud Development Environments like GitPod, Github Codespaces and Visual Code Dev and others which we think that we will not need any specific machine to write code as all the environment will be served from a remote machine to any device you would like to contribute from like mobile, tablet even maybe (if you have your mechanical keyboard with you) TVs and etc.

We ended up discussing and telling about what Vertical Slicing really is and how it may help teams to make their product-building principles well-established and working like a Swiss watch. We concluded the whole session by talking a bit about bad (or shitty) SaaS ideas which we are really tired of because of the atmosphere as a meta-narrative like Techno-Optimism.

#DeadTech CDEs as In-browser development environments Vertical Slicing Bad SaaS Ideas

That was an amazing year we are really proud of and hope you also enjoyed listening to the podcast. We see this efforts like joy and excitement instead of a professional detail. We're not "killing" ourselves while trying to get together and share what we think with you. So please feel free to also share your ideas via our Twitter account by mentioning us or from DMs or directly from us from the accounts here & here. And / or you can listen to the episodes from our home page by jumping onto several & major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts.

Wish you all a new & happy year ahead! Let's talk more on less-spoken ;)

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